Volunteering continues amid festivities

Syazwani Hj Rosli

The Brunei Youth Volunteers (Sukarelawan Belia) continues to support the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) by volunteering their time and energy into lending a helping hand.

In an interview with the Bulletin yesterday, Head of the Youth Volunteers Operation Centre Hajah Noor [email protected] binti Haji Mohd Salleh said the youth volunteers have continued to involve themselves in community works despite the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festivities.

She said, “Currently, five hotels still require assistance for quarantine measures, though they are now working two shifts instead of the previous three.

“There are still flights coming in, and our volunteers continue to usher in passengers at the Brunei International Airport as well as assisting them with their hotel checkins.”

Meanwhile, volunteers stationed at health centres and hospitals continue to conduct temperature checks on visitors, she said, adding that “we deployed our male volunteers to mosques last week to assist with temperature checks and QR code scanning, following the resumption of Friday prayers”.

A volunteer ushering in newly arrived passengers at the Brunei International Airport. PHOTO: SYAZWANI HJ ROSLI

There are also volunteers at the National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC) to monitor those wearing tracking bracelets, Hajah Noor Monasaliena said.

However, she said, other tasks will be phased out soon as student volunteers prepare to return to school.

“We have plans to wind down our services in light of zero new COVID-19 cases in the past few weeks. But further discussions with the authorities will be needed to ensure that the volunteers are ready to jump back into action when need ed in the future,” she said.

The Youth Volunteers Operation Centre at Pusat Bahagia, she said, was operating around the clock during the peak of the outbreak. Now, it operates until 10pm, after the final briefing of the day and the conclusion of the second shift.

On assisting the underprivileged in the country, Hajah Noor Monasaliena said, “Our donation drives managed to secure public contributions for 274 families across the country. However, we will be handing the task back to the Community Development Department (JAPEM).”

There are currently 1,533 youth volunteers registered under the Brunei Youth Volunteers.