Vehicle catches fire, driver escapes unhurt

Rokiah Mahmud

The car engine of a saloon-type vehicle caught fire at Perpindahan Katok ‘B’ on Saturday. The driver, a local female, escaped unhurt. The Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) received a distress call about the fire at 3.10pm and dispatched 10 firefighters from the Beribi Fire Station led by ASO Jeffery. The fire was contained by a resident, Saiful Ariffin bin Yusof using sand.

Upon arrival, fire personnel poured water on the engine to ensure it was totally under control.
Estimation of loss is under investigation. The FRD advised the public to ensure that their vehicles are in proper condition and to check the wiring systems.

Road users must ensure that modifications or additions to the electrical system of the engine and car accessories and wiring must be in accordance with the standards.

The high electric current of a vehicle can cause the cable  to burn.

The public can contact the FRD at 995 in the event of  an emergency.

The engine of the car, destroyed by the fire. PHOTO: FRD