Thumbs up – Firemen dislodge toddler’s stuck finger from basket

James Kon & Rokiah Mahmud

Firefighters were called in to help dislodge a child’s finger wedged in the hole of a plastic basket late Thursday afternoon.

Receiving an emergency call at 5.04pm, ABK 150 Abdul Rahman bin Haji Edin led four firefighters from the Lambak Kanan Fire Station to the toddler’s home at Kampong Perpindahan Lambak Kiri.

The team dislodged the finger using the firemanship technique, ensuring the child did not sustain any injuries.

The Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) reminded parents to ensure their children are safe and are not left unattended, as well as to keep flammable material out of children’s reach.
The public can contact 995 for emergencies.

The toddler with her finger stuck in the hole of the basket. PHOTO: FRD