Thirty-one vehicle fires between January and April

Rokiah Mahmud

The Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) received 31 calls for vehicle fire between January and April, which resulted in two injuries and an estimated loss of BND101,350.

In a public advisory issued yesterday, the department attributed the main causes of the fire to mechanical failure due to breakdown in the engine components, fuel leakage and a loose connection.

Other possible causes, it said, included human error and negligence, inadequate information in car part selection, overheating due to having the engine running for too long, and unattended open burning near a car park.

“Electrical faults, leading to an impairment of electrical components in the engine, the anti-lock braking system and the fuse box, are other contributing factors,” the FRD added.

The department also urged drivers to equip their vehicles with fire extinguishers, schedule regular maintenance checks, have the installations of electrical wiring systems performed at accredited workshops, and bring vehicles over seven years for regular inspection.

For fire-related emergencies, contact the FRD hotline at 995 and make sure to provide as much accurate information as possible.