Theft related charges: Man changes plea, jailed 27 months

Fadley Faisal

A trial against a local man on charges of house-trespass for theft and related offences came to a halt midway as the man had a change of heart and pleaded guilty.

Awangku Abdul Fadzri bin Pengiran Abdul Karim was sentenced to 27 months’ jail by Intermediate Court Judge Muhammed Faisal bin Pehin Datu Juragan Laila Diraja Colonel (Rtd) Dato Seri Pahlawan Haji Kefli yesterday.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Ahmad Firdaus bin Mohammad’s case against the defendant had always been that he had misappropriated a car at Jalan Kampong Bukit Bunga, Jerudong during the wee hours of November 18, 2019.

He had also misappropriated a Yamaha 30HMHS outboard motor boat engine at Sufri Bolkiah Secondary School Flat, Tutong at 1.30am on November 18, 2019. He then switched the number plates of the misappropriated car at Kampong Salambigar in the wee hours of November 19, 2019.

The defendant then trespassed into a house at Kampong Biong, Jalan Rambai, Tutong just before sunrise on November 19, 2019, making away with a toolbox, camping tent, LED solar light, two lamps, one bag containing perfume and coins and two sets of radios.

The last venture led to the defendant’s arrest as he was discovered running out of the house by a neighbour and into the forest.

Neighbours in the village went on a manhunt into the forest where they found the defendant asleep and apprehended him, later handing him over to the police.