Thank you kind strangers

I would like to thank to the people who helped me when I was in trouble at the Jerudong fuel station.

I am a foreigner in Brunei Darussalam and needed to use the ATM to get cash to pay for fuel for my vehicle.

Unfortunately the ATM at the fuel station swallowed my card. I contacted the call centre and explained the situation and was told that people were on the way to help.

I only had to wait 30 minutes before their employees arrived and retrieved my card.

Meanwhile during my wait for the employees, I was approached by a stranger who gave me BND5 to pay for the fuel after listening to my predicament.

Many thanks to the person from the call centre and the employees for their prompt action and to the kind stranger for giving me the money to pay for fuel.

Being a foreigner in a country where you can’t speak the local language is frightening but you all restored my faith in humanity.

Guy Coulson

The writer gives his thanks to the people who helped him when he was in trouble at the Jerudong fuel station