Ten-pin bowling added to list of sports played in single matches

Fadhil Yunus

Ten-pin bowling became the latest addition in the list of sports categorised under those performed single matches as part of the updated guidelines for indoor sports facilities following the first phase of the de-escalation process.

The first phase, or known as Operational Readiness Level 1, refers to the reopening of four types of sport complexes and facilities namely gym and fitness centres, golf courses, indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Indoor-based sports that involve single matches or matches involving one against one play are badminton, squash, ping pong and cue sports while tennis, lawn bowls, petanque and archery fall under outdoor sports.

The move to include sports categorised under those performed in the form of single matches under the guidelines outlined for indoor and sports facilities marked the latest development of the first phase, which was announced on June 3. Previously, only sports performed on a solo basis were allowed.

The guidelines issued for gym and fitness centres as well as golf courses
are maintained.

Since the reopening of four types of sports complexes and facilities on May 16, a total of 131 gyms and fitness centres have registered with the BruHealth app including 104 premises in the Brunei-Muara District, 20 in the Belait District, four in the Tutong District and three in the Temburong District.

During that period, statistics showed that visitors to gym and fitness centre commercial facilities, sports facilities under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and golf courses across the country totalled 12,185 people. Of the figure, a total of 5,854 people have visited gym and fitness commercial facilities; 2,342 have used sports facilities under the purview of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports; and 3,989 golfers have played at seven golf premises across the country.

Users were reminded to bring their own sport equipment whereby sharing of equipment is not allowed. Besides that, organised sports, team sports and sports which involve contact are also not allowed.

Each user must also make an advanced booking and download the BruHealth app to register their QR code and reserve the sports facility.

Sport facilities and complex owners must also maintain a reservation system and timetable to ensure the safety of staff and users.

Users and premises managers are also advised to practise the existing guidelines set by the Ministry of Health by constantly practising social responsibility while in the sporting facility, to be in good health, bring their own sanitiser as well as ensure personal hygiene, cleanliness of the equipment and the surroundings of the facility at all times.