Telecom disruptions caused by DNS issues

Disruptions to mobile broadband services on May 30 were caused by technical issues on Unified National Networks (UNN) Domain Name System (DNS), the Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) stated in a statement, following UNN’s social media announcement on the issues.

“This incident affected all mobile broadband services and was resolved on the same day with Internet traffic back to normal,” AITI said. “UNN’s investigation into this network disruption revealed a power outage at one of UNN’s sites which caused an interruption and triggered routing issues with respect to traffic to the mobile DNS.”

Yesterday, a new undersea failure on the Southeast Asia-Japan Cable System (SJC), resulted in degradation on international Internet connectivity, was reported to UNN by the SJC consortium.

“This will impact connection speed for both fixed and mobile broadband users,” AITI said.

“While common Internet services, such as browsing and video-streaming, are still accessible, usage during peak hours and services that rely on low latency, such as online gaming, may experience some interruption.”

UNN is working with its submarine cable partners to recover its international links and is currently working to manage network performance while restoration works by consortium partners are underway.