Second COVID-19 vaccine testing in monkeys begins in Thailand

BANGKOK (BERNAMA) – Researchers of Chulalongkorn University yesterday started giving the second shots of the mRNA vaccine to monkeys in the COVID-19 vaccine trial while the human trial phase is expected in October, Thai News Agency (TNA) reported.

It said the first round of the injections in the mRNA-type vaccine trial began on May 23 and was found to respond well in stimulating the immune system in monkeys. Nation Vaccine Institute Director Dr Nakorn Premsri and National Research Council of Thailand Secretary-General Professor Dr Sirirurg Songsivilai said that after the first shots, all monkeys remained strong and their nervous and respiratory systems were normal without side effects.

The blood tests showed that they could produce anitibodies, so the second shots could proceed and the monkeys are expected to produce an immune response to the coronavirus within two weeks.

If the trial gives good results, the third shots will be given to monkeys in August. After that, the results in its efficacy and safety will be evaluated before the human trial phase will begin as planned in October or November, according to TNA report.