Rural Belait schools receive face shields

Daniel Lim

The Brotherhood Seafood Restaurant recently donated face shields to two schools in rural Belait in conjunction with school reopening nationwide.

The eatery’s Managing Director David Chan presented the items to 22 students and seven teachers at Chung Hwa School in Labi and 80 students at Chung Lian School in Sungai Liang.

Chan hoped the contribution will ensure the health and safety of the returning teachers and students, in line with the precautionary measures issued by the Ministry of Health (MoH).

“Being located in rural areas, these schools do not have easy access to safety equipment,” he said.

Brotherhood Seafood Restaurant Managing Director David Chan hands over the donation to a representative of Chung Lian School. PHOTOS: BROTHERHOOD SEAFOOD RESTAURANT
Chan presents the donation to a representative of Chung Hwa School in the presence of its students