Prison warder pleads guilty to violations, jailed

Fadley Faisal

A male prison warder who recently denied breaching the Prisons Rule pleaded guilty to the charge yesterday and received a two-month jail sentence from the Magistrate’s Court.

Chief Magistrate Pengiran Masni binti Pengiran Haji Bahar took a stern approach towards the offences committed by Warder 662 Azman Ilham bin Haji Md Noor. The court viewed that the defendant’s role was not merely to escort prisoners but also to safeguard the security of the Prisons Department.

“He failed to fully appreciate his role as a prison officer,” said the court.

Warder 662 breached the Prisons Rules by trafficking with prisoners on three different occasions between February and April 2019.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Dayangku Didi-Nuraza binti Pengiran Haji Abdul Latiff informed the court he conveyed letters without lawful authority between a male prisoner at Maraburong Prison Wong Soon Teck and a female prisoner at the Women’s Prison Institution in Jerudong Rannie Labu. Wong and Rannie are married and were serving imprisonment sentences in
separate institutions.

“The defendant knew that the two prisoners were married because on a previous occasion, he escorted them to court for their cases,” the prosecution further informed.

The defendant is married to Female Warder 622 Siti Naemah binti Haji Lilah who pleaded guilty to the three similar charges against her last Thursday.

DPP Dayangku Didi-Nuraza revealed in court that communications between prisoners and their relatives are only allowed according to the provisions of the Prisons Rules. Letters can only be sent and received through the Record Unit of the Prisons Department.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau’s investigations revealed that sometime in February 2019, the defendant was approached by Wong Soon Teck for help in delivering a letter to his wife. A few days later at his prison cell, Wong discreetly passed a letter through the cell gate. The defendant took the letter and hid it inside his pocket. Upon leaving work that day, he took the letter back to his house.

As his wife was attached at the Jerudong Prison, the defendant passed the letter to her to deliver to Rannie, which she did. Rannie wrote a reply letter which Female Warder 622 Siti Naemah took with her out of Jerudong Prison and passed it to her husband.

Warder 662 Azman Ilham waited a few days for when he was on duty at the prison cell before conveying the letter to Wong.

Again in April 2019, the defendant received another letter from Wong to give to Rannie. He took the letter and passed it to his wife. The letter was conveyed to Wong.

Before the court sentenced the defendant, the DPP submitted that as a prison officer, the defendant neglected his duties and responsibilities when he allowed the prisoners to bypass the Prisons Rules regarding a prisoner’s communication.