Over 403,00 using BruHealth app, says minister

James Kon

The registration for the BruHealth app has surged to over 403,000 individuals while nearly 11,000 companies and premises have signed up for the programme.

The latest figures were highlighted by Minister of Health Dato Seri Setia Dr Haji Mohammad Isham bin Haji Jaafar during the daily press conference on COVID-19 yesterday.

“Following the announcement on the BruHealth app,” he said, “a total of 403,837 individuals have registered for the application. Additionally, 10,839 companies and premises have done the same.”

The breakdown of businesses and premises that have registered with the initiative is as followed: 1,748 retail shops, 1,714 restaurants, 1,382 offices, 683 food stalls, 682 schools, 635 government premises, 634 barbershops and salons, 315 take-out eateries, 276 hospitals, 192 gyms, 177 car workshops, 173 mosques and suraus, 135 Dart vehicles, 125 health centres and clinics, 11 1 supermarkets, 87 buses, 74 shopping malls, 66 recreational clubs, 54 places of interest, 43 taxis, 40 markets, 28 places of worship, 16 indoor playgrounds, 14 petrol stations, 13 Internet cafes, 12 golf courses, 10 nurseries and day care centres and eight cinemas as well as 1,692 miscellaneous places.

As for PremiseScan application, 5,907 have been by 4,254 business premises.

A man using the BruHealth app. PHOTO: BAHYIAH BAKIR