Over 250,000 register for BruHealth app

James Kon

Some 264,258 individuals and 4,876 businesses and premises have registered for the BruHealth app.

This was revealed by Minister of Health Dato Seri Setia Dr Haji Mohd Isham bin Haji Jaafar at the daily conference yesterday.

The breakdown of the registration is as follows: 1,460 restaurants, 600 schools, 455 retail shops, 352 offices, 328 government premises, 238 food stalls, 162 gyms, 187 barbershops or salons, 140 take-outs, 51 car workshops, 48 shopping malls, 45 health centres and clinics, 33 recreational clubs, 26 places of interest, 21 supermarkets, 21 markets, 12 indoor playgrounds, 12 golf courses, 15 places of worship, seven cinemas, 10 hospitals, one petrol station and one ride sharing, one bus and 660 others.

The minister urged the public to download and register with the BruHealth application if they still have not done so.

Public cooperation in using the BruHealth application and scanning the QR code while entering and exiting premises will ensure public safety while helping the Ministry of Health (MoH) to carry out contact tracing if there is a spread of infection.