Open burning needs to end

As a resident of the country, I am very concerned with the prevalence of open burning here.

Where I live in Lambak Kanan, it is carried out at least once a week. The smoke would envelope the whole neighbourhood for a long while.

From what I’ve read, opening burning can release tonnes of toxic chemicals into the air, heightening the risk of cancer and shortening life expectancy. Imagine the damage to the health simply by stepping out of your home!

I have elderly people living under the same roof, which makes it an even more pressing issue.

Furthermore, open burning contributes greatly to climate change by emitting a large amount of toxic chemicals into the air. It’s not only detrimental to our generation but the future generations as well.

It is my understanding that reckless burning is an offence under the Fire Safety Order 2016. Once convicted, the perpetrator could would face up to BND10,000 fine or jail term.

But why are there still so many people recklessly burning trash?

I would like to see more stringent enforcement of the law because this ‘cultural practice’ needs to be eradicated once and for all. If not for the environment, at least do it to safeguard the health of the people.