‘Nutritious start’ continues

Daniel Lim

With the implementation of social distancing and stay at home efforts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional teaching methods have adapted to the global changes.

Program Harapan, a programme that ensures students are energised to begin their day by providing breakfast conducted at selected schools nationwide since 2018, has seen its fair share of changes.

One such school under the programme is Muhammad Alam Primary School in Seria.

The school’s Assistant Headmistress Siti Hairani binti Haji Ibrahim said since the start of the programme in 2019, established by the Ministry of Health through the Food Nutrition Plan Unit, there have been improvements in the students’ academics, co-curriculum and attendances.

“Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the programme went through some changes. Since students are now studying at home, parents and guardians drop by the school every weekend to submit their children’s assignments and receive new ones included in the student’s Home Learning Package (HLP), along with the student’s breakfast pack for that week,” she said.

A parent checks the children’s Home Learning Packages (HLP) aided by a teacher of the school. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM

“This ensures that students are equipped to learn at home and are able to have a nutritious breakfast to begin their day which is important for their growth and to aid them in their studies.”

As the programme continues, Siti Hairani hopes that it will help enhance and improve the daily routine and lifestyle of the students.

Parents and guardians commended the changes made in the programme to ensure the safety of residents and the students.Norhalim bin Haji Nor, whose child is a student of the school, said the programme is beneficial for his child as it maintain the consistency of learning.

Another parent, Roslina binti Abdullah expressed delight with the programme is still being conducted despite the situation that has impacted the world.

“It is good that the programme is being held despite the COVID-19 outbreak resulting in students to continue their studies at home,” she said.

“The HLP and the breakfast pack ensure that students are energised to study at home,” she continued.

Roslina also stressed the importance of parental and guardian support to elevate the student’s motivation to study at home.

“There are a lot of distractions at home and some parents are also working, but we should do our part in supporting our children in overcoming obstacles and challenges,” she added.

Roslina shared that some parents and guardians have also been in contact with each other to share advice and best learning practises at home for those who are struggling. “We as parents hope that this COVID-19 pandemic will end as we all want to return back to our usual routine, as learning and interactions in school among students and teachers cannot be replaced.”