Local fans jubilant over Liverpool’s EPL title win

Fadhil Yunus

Liverpool Football Club supporters in the country were brimming with joy yesterday after being greeted with the news that their beloved club was crowned Premier League champion in the wee hours of yesterday morning.

Liverpool FC, who have been in sensational form all season, ended a 30-year wait for the title following closest rivals Manchester City’s 2-1 defeat to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

The Reds, masterminded by the brilliance of head coach Jurgen Klopp, had been on the verge of sealing a 19th English league title following an emphatic 4-0 victory over Crystal Palace at Anfield.

Fans from differing generations were visibly in high spirits as they finally got to savour the moment of Liverpool winning the Premier League title for the first time since 1990.

An avid fan shared how special the title triumph is to him having sailed through a range of emotions associated with the highs and lows of supporting the club.

“This title win is so deeply special for us all as Liverpool supporters. It is even more special than any other cup you might have seen us win I feel,” said Herri. “For over 20 years, I’ve been a Liverpool fan and we’ve been absolutely spoiled with some great times but this moment truly is the most special for me.”

He added, “I think as Liverpool fans we deserve this too. We’ve been through a lot, those difficult times, following this great football club and I also think we’ve all invested in the club greatly, not only financially but also emotionally and spiritually.”

He also spoke on how fans have invested through buying tickets and merchandise as they proclaimed their genuine affection for the club.

He admitted he was reduced to tears after seeing Jurgen Klopp walked out off-screen following an emotional interview. “I was fine today, didn’t get emotional but when I saw Klopp break into tears on the Internet I lost it.

“Because I simply thought it encapsulated all of our emotions, thoughts and feelings in one moment. The relief of it all,” he said.

Meanwhile, another loyal and passionate Liverpool fan Adam Asmie pointed out the hurt and despair of previous seasons including the endless toxic banter from rival clubs, the infamous Steven Gerrard slip, the near misses and the one-point gap separating them from the title last season.

“It’s been a long time coming and we never turned our backs to the team, to the crest. And we’ve been through the darkest of times believing and supporting the football club since 1986,” said Herri who was only 10 when Liverpool were English champions. “Now against all odds and challenges, not even a deadly virus, a global pandemic in COVID-19 could stop Liverpool Football Club and Jurgen Klopp.”

Sheikh Mahmud Sufian has been a Liverpool supporter since he was six years old and one of his earliest memories of supporting the team was watching a victory against Everton in the 1986 FA Cup final.

“As special that win was, I remember my father told me… winning the FA Cup was just a bonus and what mattered most was that we won the league that season too,” he said. “That was how I was brought up as a Liverpool supporter. Winning the league has always been the top priority.”

Sheikh Mahmud underscored the importance of winning the league title and was inspired by the famous quote of Liverpool icon Bill Shankly on winning the league being likened as bread and butter of titles.

“That’s the foundation of modern Liverpool Football Club are based on. While winning several domestic trophies is fun and winning European trophies are fantastic, winning the league is the bread and butter,” he said.

Another avid fan Al-Bahrin, who was born in 1991 a year after their last league title, also shared his experiences as a Liverpool supporter and even being picked out for supporting a team that has not enjoyed as much success as the other teams.

“Being born in ’91 which is after the golden days of Liverpool have ended, growing up in a family full of Manchester United supporters was especially hard for me,” he said. “Being picked on just because I don’t support the team that are dominating the English league throughout the 90s and 2000s which made them just a bunch of glory hunters in the end.”

His love for Liverpool grew after watching Liverpool rally from three goals down against AC Milan to win the Champions League in 2005.

Al-Bahrin said that winning a league title posed the greatest challenge until the arrival of the brilliant Jurgen Klopp, who played an instrumental role in the transformation of the club as one of the most fearsome sides in Europe and beyond.

“And now, I feel like the golden age of Liverpool is here again. I teared up upon waking up today after reading the news that Liverpool is the new Premier League champions. This is it; this is what every Liverpool fans dreamt of. And Jurgen Klopp and co has done it,” he said.

Meanwhile, avid Liverpool fan Ali Hartono chipped in with his thoughts, “What a fantastic season! Despite the challenges relating to the coronavirus outbreak, the lads still shows that they are in it together.

“Winning it in such unique circumstances, that is always Liverpool. True to the words of ‘YNWA’, we walk through the storms and hold our heads up high.”

Ali said that it has been a 30-year rollercoaster ride having gone through ups and downs. He shared an insight on what it is like to be a Liverpool supporter by saying “Liverpool supporters in Brunei show a lot of perseverance throughout the years”.

The passionate fan recalled the lows under the reign of former coach Roy Hodgson and the threat of going into relegation during the previous ownership and how the fans still remains faithful. “We are blessed to have Fenway Sports Group as the owners with their great strategy, and the hiring of ‘The Normal One’ (Jurgen Klopp) that proves to be the game-changer in the effort to reclaim our perch. And so we did,” he said.

Ali is looking forward to the guard-of-honour by the Manchester City players at the Etihad Stadium next week. “To think that there are still seven games left, we will enjoy this ride. Our legend Steven Gerrard said it best, ‘We Go Again’,” he said. “To Liverpool supporters in Brunei and all over the world, You’ll Never Walk Alone.”