Indonesian policeman killed by sword-wielding militant

BANJARMASIN, INDONESIA (AFP) – A sword-wielding militant killed an Indonesian policeman and critically injured another yesterday in what authorities described as a suspected Islamic State (IS)-linked attack.

The attacker was shot dead during the early morning raid at a police post in South Daha district on Kalimantan – Indonesia’s section of Borneo island.

Indonesia’s national police initially said there were two attackers, but local authorities later said only one militant was directly involved.

“One police officer was killed and the attacker also died,” South Hulu Sungai Police Chief Dedy Eka Jaya told AFP.

“We’re still investigating possible links” to IS, he added.

The militant – identified as a 19-year-old local named Abdurrahman – initially set a car on fire outside the police post, Jaya said.

“When it exploded, one of the officers came outside to check and that’s when the initial attack started,” he added.

Images from the scene showed an apparently deceased man lying on his back inside the police station.

Authorities said they confiscated his sword, a religious book, a handwritten letter and a flag.

Images of the black and white-lettered flag showed it resembled one commonly used by IS followers.