Imams urge congregants to not be complacent

Azlan Othman

Muslims congregated at mosques, suraus and religious halls to perform Friday prayers yesterday with mosque gates opening as early as 11.30am unlike at noon last Friday. More staff were also deployed to assist the congregants.

Royal Brunei Armed Forces and Royal Brunei Police Force personnel, volunteers and mosque committee members assisted in scanning the Friday prayers’ QR code yesterday.

Congregants wearing facemasks were seen bringing along with them their prayer mats while mosque committee members sprayed hand sanitisers on the visitors before they entered the prayer hall. Imams in the Friday sermon said despite the COVID-19 pandemic under control and no new positive cases for 29 days in the country, the Ummah still should not to be complacent when following de-escalation measures, especially during the current festive Hari Raya season.

The imams also reiterated the need for the Ummah to adhere to Ministry of Health guidelines by only visiting immediate family members like parents and siblings. “The current situation does not permit us to visit relatives and friends like what we did in the previous Hari Raya.”

The imams also called on the Ummah to be patient as it is part of faith. “Allah the Almighty loves those who are patient which is a value and characteristic of the noble. Patience is a strong shield in facing various tests and sorrow.”

They said as citizens and residents we all should practise preventive measures to reduce the risk of infection.

Muslims congregated at mosques, suraus and religious halls to perform Friday prayers yesterday. Imams urged Ummah not to be complacent when following COVID-19 de-escalation measures.
Uniformed personnel help congregants at checkpoints. PHOTO: RAHWANI ZAHARI