I have a heavy responsibility on my shoulders: Zendaya

BANG! NEWS – Zendaya has admitted it’s a “heavy responsibility” being a young black woman in Hollywood.

The Greatest Showman actress – who is biracial – has opened up about the pressure placed on her shoulders as a role model and how she intends to use her platform and influence to do “a lot of good”.

The 23-year-old star felt “now more than ever” that she has an “obligation” to ensure she is “aware” and sending the correct message with everything she does on the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

She explained, “I have a heavy responsibility on my shoulders, but I’m appreciative because with that there’s a lot of good that I can do and I know who is watching.

“Now more than ever, specifically with Black Lives Matter and everything, I feel an obligation to make sure that I’m aware and putting out the right things and in line with organisers and people who are on the ground.”

Zendaya also admitted that she “constantly” fears making mistakes.

“Being a young Disney actor, that’s one level, being a young black woman is one level, and then being very hard on myself is another level. It’s also just a personal fear,” she said.

However, the fear only makes her more determined to “work harder” and hone her craft.