Habitual thief gets 40 months’ jail, whipping for housebreaking

A habitual thief was sentenced by the Intermediate Court to 40 months’ imprisonment and two strokes of the cane, after he pleaded guilty to yet another housebreaking for theft offence.

Judge Radin Safiee bin Radin Mas Basiuni yesterday took into consideration the mitigating factors of Mohammad Farid Adilah bin Kamal’s case, which included his instant guilty plea, as well as the extensive factors aggravating the case.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Ahmad Firdaus bin Mohammad informed the court that the 26-year-old had been heading for home along Jalan Ban 3 in Kampong Pasai at 3am on May 25, when he came across a house which appeared unoccupied.

He scaled the fence, went around to the back of the house and reached into a ventilator to unlock the storage room door. He then used a ladder to climb over the garage and enter the house through a bathroom window.

Once inside, he took a sling bag containing a wallet with BND400, before fleeing the scene. At 2.30pm on the same day, the house owner returned to find that the house had been broken into.

After checking CCTV footage which captured the break-in, the owner filed a police report that led to the defendant’s arrest.

In police custody, the defendant admitted to committing the offence, and that he had used the money to buy food and for online gambling.

Judge Radin Safiee took into account the defendant’s instant guilty plea, remorse and his hardship in finding a job. However, the court was drawn to consider the fact that the defendant had been released from prison in January, for a previous conviction of a house trespass-related offence.

The judge also reminded the defendant to change his ways and habits upon release from prison.

The court hoped the defendant would reflect on his life ahead, being young and losing time in prison, which he could have used in a positive way to earn an income and build a family.