Glamourous space-age fashion

Jocelyn Noveck

AP/ AFP – Designer Jeremy Scott sent his models down the runway in electric hues, crystal-embedded garments, sparkly sky-high boots and brightly colored wigs, evoking what he called an “intergalactic pop band”.

Along with the futuristic sparkle, the runway had some more earthly designs like pretty prints, fringes and lace and even some down-to-earth denim. The show was mostly about colour (the bold, neon variety) and sparkle, aided by over 30,000 crystals embedded in the garments.

And the look was carried, literally, from head to toe. A memorable highlight was the wigs, poufy creations with bangs, in shades of pink, yellow, orange, turquoise and deep blue. Another was the tall, shimmering, over-the-thigh boots in everything from metallic silver to purple to bronze to green to ice blue.