Facemask vending machines pop up at London’s travel hotspots

LONDON (Xinhua) – Facemask vending machines have popped up at travel hotspots across London as the British capital emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown, local media reported.

Since the British government made it a legal requirement to wear face coverings on public transport, commuters have spotted COVID-19 mask dispensers near Tubes and shopping centres in London. Starting on June 15, people in England travelling on trains, buses and commuter ferries, as well as London underground, must wear face coverings during their journeys.

New company Maskey, which began trading in April 2020, first launched the device in Chigwell, Essex. It has since rolled out the vending machines to 10 more locations including Hamleys in Regent Street, Woodford Station in east London and Walthamstow shopping centre, said the London-based Evening Standard newspaper.

The government changed its advice on face masks to help contain the spread of novel coronavirus earlier this month, as more people used public transport to go back to work.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said remembering to travel with a face covering should become part of people’s daily routine.

The Maskey will open a pop-up shop in Carnaby Street soon, as the government encourages shoppers to get out and spend to kickstart the economy, according to the newspaper.