Exit tax to encourage Bruneians to buy locally?

Since the closure of borders in March, Bruneians have been buying locally, be it grocery or electronics. This has greatly benefitted the local retail sector.

However, this trend will be short-lived as we can’t count on the borders being shut forever.
A better solution, I think, is for the authorities to consider putting in place an exit tax for outgoing travellers who are traversing by land or sea.

It is perhaps also worth considering a tiered tax system for frequent travellers.

For example, a person who travels overseas five times a year will have a higher exit tax than someone who crosses the border less frequently.

To facilitate ease of payment, the authorities can also look to set up an online portal that allows for no-frill cashless payment system, especially for those who wish to pay in advance.

This will hopefully encourage locals to think twice about shopping overseas and thus, strengthening the local economy in the process.

A Bruneian