Damaged pipeline causes water disruption, low water supply

Azlan Othman

The Public Works Department at the Ministry of Development (MoD) announced that a disruption to water supply and low water pressure yesterday at 9pm due to emergency repair works of major Phase 2 main pipeline measuring 760mm damaged at KM13.2 of
the Tutong-Muara Highway.

The statement said the areas affected were part of Kampong Perpindahan Lambak Kanan including Simpang 63 and 76 of Jalan 11, Jalan 64, Simpang 262, 226 and 187 of Jalan 77, Salambigar Industrial Site, Institute of Brunei Technical Education Nakhoda Ragam Campus, Youth Development Centre, the entire Kampong Perpindahan Tanah Jambu ‘A’ and ‘B’, the Defence Academy, Kampong Perpindahan Meragang and surrounding areas.

The Public Works Department apologised for the inconvenience. The public can contact Talian Darussalam at 123 / Live Channel 123 and 8333123 For application for water tanker supply.

The public is advised to conserve water until the supply is restored.