ASEAN tourism webinar to address issues

Fadley Faisal

The Federation of ASEAN Travel Associations (FATA) is organising an online forum on ‘Way Forward for Tourism in ASEAN’ on June 19 at 3pm.

Ministers of Tourism as well as ASEAN presidents of tourism associations are invited to participate and discuss issues, address challenges and monitor trends as well as engage with other organisations at regional level through the access provided by FATA who serves as the umbrella body for national travel associations within ASEAN.

FATA President Datuk Tan Kok Liang said, “In view of the fact that the population of ASEAN is over 622 million people, the potential of domestic ASEAN tourism opportunities is comparable to Europe, China or the United States (US). Ensuring that the travel and tourism industry is the first to recover would mean instant activation of a wide range of related micro-economies. The impact from the tremendous growth of tourism in ASEAN will be an eye opener; creating curiosity and branding opportunities in international markets that will automatically develop an interest to visit the region.

“The support from the ASEAN member states through closer cooperation in the sharing of information and exchange of best practices is crucial to boost business and travellers’ confidence. It will also further build resilience and prepare the region to effectively implement and manage sustainable tourism in the aftermath of a crisis.”

The session will be moderated by former secretary general of the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Tan Sri Dr Ong Hong Peng.

Speakers line-up will comprise of senior representatives from the Ministry/NTOs of the selected five countries namely Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia together with the Board members of FATA.