Woman jailed for necklace theft

Daniel Lim

The Magistrate’s Court recently ordered a local woman to serve 14 months’ imprisonment for the theft of a locket necklace from an elderly citizen.

Pengiran Noremywaty @ Pengiran Siti Norameerah binti Pengiran Haji Sahidon, 37, pleaded guilty to the charge of stealing under Section 379 of the Criminal Penal Code, Chapter 22, along with money laundering offences under Section 3(1)(b) of the Criminal Asset Recovery Order, 2012.

An investigation by the Lamunin Police Station revealed that the defendant had induced the 72-year-old victim to slip off the locket necklace, ostensibly for the purpose of removing a leech from her neck. After removing the leech, the defendant grabbed the necklace which was placed on a nearby table, and left the victim’s house.

The police recovered the item, which had been sold to a jewellery shop for BND2,000.

ABOVE & BELOW: The RBPF recovered the stolen items. PHOTOS: RBPF