Virtual Earth Week a hit among students

Jerudong International School (JIS) recently hosted its first virtual Earth Week, led by representatives from the Senior School Eco-JIS team. As the school facilities are presently closed to students, with classes all operating virtually, the competitions and activities for Earth Week were designed to enable students to participate from home and be as creative as possible.

Among the activities lined up for students to try out with their families were calculating their carbon footprints and experimenting with innovative ideas to help them move towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

There was also a Green Business Challenge during the Earth Week, which saw Sweron (Swift and Heron partnership) Houses win Best Marketing for their handmade organic soap bars. Whisgus (Whistler and Argus Houses) won Most Financially Viable for making bowls out of coconuts. Hawksprey (Hawk and Osprey Houses) received Most Eco-Friendly award for making honey from two beehives set up at the School Outdoor Discovery Centre, which they later sold to members of the JIS community. Skylark House was named Most Inclusive of House Members for embracing their butterfly pea project wholeheartedly. Most Sustainable Green Business award went to Fireback House for their beeswax food wraps.

Two additional competitions were also held during the week: ‘Wildlife from My Window’, which was an art, photography and poetry contest, and a Virtual Trashion Fashion Show, which is an annual event where students create their own pieces of clothing or accessory using materials found in their homes.

The Earth Week also saw the launch of a community cookbook, featuring unique Halal recipes from students, parents and staff. Proceeds from the sales will be given to local charity. There was a ‘film festival’ for students to watch movies linked to climate change with their families.

JIS Principal Nicholas Sheehan, in a press statement, said, “I am so impressed with how the students and their families have embraced the concept of the virtual Earth Week.”

Osprey House members ‘gather’ for Earth Week. PHOTOS: JERUDONG INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL
Entries for ‘Wildlife from My Window’, an art, photography and poetry competition held to celebrate the Earth Week at Jerudong International School recently