Tazkirah for women on reaping Ramadhan benefits

Wani Roslan

The Religious Teachers University College of Seri Begawan (KUPU SB) continued its daily Tazkirah as part of its Ramadhan Mubarak Programme. Yesterday’s online Tazkirah was titled Amalan Wanita Haid di Bulan Ramadhan.

The Tazkirah was delivered by Datin Dr Hajah Noor Hira binti Haji Noor Kaseh who shared on practices that can be carried out by women who are on their menstruation as they abstain from fasting.

“Women in menstruation during Ramadhan should not be sad as they cannot fast, perform prayers and recite Al-Quran in seeking blessings in Ramadhan.

“There are other acts that can be performed,” she said.

Women who are menstruating during Ramadhan can offer Doa and Zikir such as tasbih, tahmid, takbir and istighfar which can be performed any time.

They are also encouraged to increase their salawat to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as it leads to double rewards (pahala).

Datin Dr Hajah Noor Hira also explained that to gain more pahala, menstruating women are encouraged to increase the practice of charity.

One of the most praiseworthy practices that women can do is to serve food to people who are fasting as this also receives the same rewards as those fasting.

Datin Dr Hajah Noor Hira binti Haji Noor Kaseh