Stay home, stay safe campaign continues until July 31

Lyna Mohamad

As the leading consumer electronics retailer and exclusive local distributor of Beko products, Intracorp (B) Sdn Bhd launched the latest Beko Global Campaign, “Live Like A Pro (LLAP) in Brunei”.

The campaign began on May 1 and was conducted in conjunction with Intracorp’s Stay Home Stay Safe Campaign that will continue until July 31.

A follow up to Beko’s widely successful global initiative, Eat Like A Pro (ELAP) focussing on educating children to eat healthily and to fight global obesity, LLAP takes a more holistic approach to inspire healthier lifestyle and not just on individual eating habits.

Head of Marketing Lolita Carman Bito-On said LLAP is not about keeping to a professional diet plan, but about preserving vitamins in vegetables and fruits for longer with HarvestFresh.

“It is not about being a professional cook, but about receiving cooking tips to prepare something healthy and fast using IndiFlex and not letting the ‘dirty clothes’ excuse get in the way of the training with the help of AquaTech,” she added.

As people are spending more time at home and contemplating their holistic health amid the COVID-19 situation, LLAP has taken on a new meaning.

Some of the products available at Intracorp (B) Sdn Bhd

“We are all on a steep learning curve to live in new ways. Suddenly we have to be home doctors, home teachers, home chefs, home referees, and home IT.”

Lolita pointed out that as part of LLAP campaign in Brunei, Beko will share tips and tricks on how to stay home: Like A PRroand the public can look out for the weekly updated on Beko Brunei’s Facebook page.

INTRACORP is the exclusive distributor for BEKO in Brunei with its products available at all Intracorp Retail Outlets. As part of the Stay Home Stay Safe Campaign, the retailer urged customers and supporters to explore their off-store purchase.

As for customers who want to visit their store, Intracorp ensures it is taking the highest hygiene standards and routine for both customers’ and employees’ safety.