Something old, Something new

AFP/ AZYAAMODE – Lebanese designer Elie Saab explored the aesthetics of one common motto this season in the fashion industry: Everything old is new again. So what’s it really like to take age-old garments and turn them into fashion statements? Spectacular, as Elie Saab would have it. The designer’s new collection had all the references that could keep you on your toes, from the big ruffled pussy bow blouses, to the high-waisted carrot trousers and the tuxedo-inspired pantsuits with velvet lapels.

The collection was actually a nod to feminism in some way, where bold cuts and dominant suits keep women empowered in a “no-longer” male-dominated world. There were houndstooth pantsuits with black lapels, little romantic lace dresses with black bows, beautifully encrusted capes and a whole lot of sharp movements. A series of models had this sort of ancient vs modern combination, unveiling pussy bow blouses paired with short bottoms and over-the-knee boots. The eveningwear section was expectedly fabulous, with a slew of colourfully draped gowns at times and see-through encrusted ones at other times. – Cindy Menassa