Scholarships to study in Russia

Azlan Othman

The Russian Government has opened scholarship applications for Brunei Darussalam citizens and permanent residents to pursue their studies in Russia.

By the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation for the 2020/2021 academic year, two applicants from Brunei Darussalam will be granted full academic scholarships and accommodation at discount prices for the period of their studies at a Russian university.

Before enrolment in the academic programme, qualified applicants without sufficient knowledge of the Russian Language will undergo a one-year preparatory course.

For participation in the first stage of the selection process, candidates should register no later than June 10 at and submit online filled-in application forms as well as scanned passports and education documents.

For information, the public can visit or contact the Russian Embassy in Brunei Darussalam at [email protected] or call 2611413.