S Korean students return to class

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA (AP) — South Korean students began returning to classes yesterday even as the country counted another 32 new coronavirus cases.

It was the first time in nine days the daily increase in cases is above 30. South Korea relaxed much of its social distancing rules in early May, but then saw a spike in new infections linked to entertainment venues in Seoul.

Hundreds of thousands of high school seniors were allowed to return to classes under new rules: temperature checks before entering school and masks at all times. Some schools installed plastic partitions at each desk.

The Education Ministry said lower-level students are set to go back in phases in coming weeks.

The new school year was supposed to start in early March, but it had been delayed several times. About 5.4 million students have been subsequently taking classes online.

A student has his body temperature checked at the Kyungbock High School in Seoul, South Korea yesterday. PHOTO: AP