Rice cooker, kettle theft lands foreigner behind bars

Fadley Faisal

A 38-year-old Filipino was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment by the Magistrate’s Court after he pleaded guilty to theft yesterday.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Sabrina binti Haji Mahmud revealed that Roel Dizon Niro stole from a department store in Kiulap, where he worked.

The defendant, while on night duty last April, came across a displayed Miyako rice cooker and decided to steal it. He hid the item inside the loading lift and resumed work.

Later that day, he took the rice cooker home to his staff quarters. He has since been using it for his personal use.

This month, while working the afternoon shift, he went to the upper floor and took a Cornell jug kettle, hiding it inside the loading lift before resuming work. He later took the kettle home.

On May 18, during a stock inspection, it was discovered that the figures did not tally.The Branch-in-Charge Officer investigated the matter and was informed by storage area personnel that they had seen a rice cooker and kettle previously kept at the storage area weeks earlier.

The officer inspected the staff house the same afternoon and came across a rice cooker (similar to one stolen) in the defendant’s possession. Upon inquiry, the defendant claimed he had purchased it but was unable to provide proof of purchase.

The following day, the defendant left the rice cooker on the officer’s desk. At 10.30am, the defendant was called to the main office, where he admitted to stealing the rice cooker and kettle.

A police report was lodged and the defendant was arrested by Central Police Station personnel.

Magistrate Pengiran Shahyzul Khairuddien bin Pengiran Haji Abdul Rahman ordered the defendant to pay the shop for stolen items, failing which, he would have to serve an additional one week imprisonment.