Rewards galore with ‘LEX’Perience Ramadhan’

James Kon

Members of the public who are thinking of buying any of the Lexus models during the month of Ramadhan will stand a chance to win rewards worth up to BND10,000 through ‘LEX’Perience Ramadhan’ promotion.

Organised by Lexus Brunei, The LEX’Perience Ramadhan promotion will run from May 1-31 featuring the first of its kind digital ‘Wheel of Experience’.

Customers who registered a new Lexus vehicle in May will receive a letter for the ‘Wheel of Experience’ with a QR Code log in for the LEX’Perience promotion.

Participants can key in the unique winning code written in the letter to the ‘Wheel of Experience’ for a chance to win prizes ranging from BND100, BND200, BND300, BND1000 and BND2,000 as well as mystery prizes.

The brand new experience from Lexus Brunei was revealed by Assistant General Manager of Marketing of NBT Brunei Audrey Yong and Senior Lexus Sales Manager Muhammad Clovien Timpoh during a press conference yesterday morning.

Also present were Marketing Assistant Caitlin Pudarno and Marketing Executive of NBT Brunei Vanessa Ang.

In addition to LEX’Perience Ramadhan reward, customers can get the opportunity to bring home a brand new Lexus at 3.75 per cent hire purchase rate, additional BND2,000 worth of rewards for Lexus finest urban explorer UX as well as BND3,000 additional rewards for Lexus NX.

ABOVE & BELOW: Lexus UX; and Lexus NX. PHOTOS: NBT Brunei