‘Purrrfect’ companions

Wani Roslan

Cats are among the most loved pets in the world and can be quite expensive to own and adopt. Some pet owners are willing to spend a lot of money on their adorable felines.

Most cat lovers will go as far as looking for unique cat breeds, wanting pets that are a little more exclusive due to their unique physical characteristics.

One of the most adorable cat breeds is the Scottish Fold.

Loved by people because of its folded down ears and owl-like appearance with a round head and eyes, the Scottish Fold breed is known for its sweet personality and fun quirks.

One local cat lover, Norazidah Kahar, spent BND1,300 to get a Scottish Fold, in 2018, naming the male cat ‘Kitot’.

Butter the Golden British Shorthair

“A cat makes a better pet because it is friendly and I believe that petting cats could lower our stress level, as a cat has its own positive calming effect,” she said. Sharing her experience in taking care of the adorable feline, she noted that she has difficulty feeding Kitot as he can be picky.

“I feed him with different types of food because Kitot is not interested in eating the same food,” she said.

Taking care of cats comes with a certain financial obligation for the owners as they have to meet the cats’ needs including food, health and toys. For Norazidah, having a Scottish Fold means she has to ensure that his ears are clean since they are folded. In addition, the cat has to be groomed once every two weeks to avoid ear mites.

She spends BND40 monthly for food, and roughly BND80 to BND150 for vaccination and medicine.

“For vaccination, I take him once every three months. It also depends on what vaccine and medicine he is given,” she said.

She also spoke on the importance of cleanliness as Scottish Folds have sensitive health, especially with regards to their ears.

“Having a Scottish Fold can be hard sometimes, but you will learn how to take care of them.”

Another local cat lover who declined to be named owns two cats – a female munchkin mix Scottish Fold breed named ‘Koko’ and a male Golden British Shorthair (GBS) named ‘Butter’ – spending more than BND1,500 each to buy them.

She had been eyeing those specific breeds for a long time, and said that they are the priciest cats she has ever owned.

Believing that cats make great pets, she said, “My cats provide companionship and constant amusement through their antics and personalities. They also play with

my children.” She has also created an Instagram account for her cats, @butterandkoko, where she shared photos of her playful Butter and adorable Koko.

She and her husband spend quite a bit every month on their cats. These expenses include food, treats, grooming and routine medical needs such as vaccines. “This does not include other issues that may come up like when they suddenly catch flu. The low average is around BND100,” she added.