Progresif, partners aid online learning mission

After the Ministry of Education (MoE) took the decision to close schools amid concerns of the COVID-19 outbreak, staff and students across Brunei Darussalam have embraced online learning as the new normal.

Lauded for their fast and decisive action in introducing social distancing measures, the dramatic slowing of the spread of the virus has vindicated the government’s decision, however, the efforts to get the equipment to all online learners is still ongoing.

Progresif Sdn Bhd has been one of the many corporate and civilian entities hard at work trying to increase online learning access for all students, and as a leading telecommunications company in the Sultanate, is better placed than most to help with the provision of network solutions for learners.

In its most recent contribution to education in the country, Progresif collaborated with D’Sunlit Sdn Bhd and Ezy Printing to empower learners to continue learning online.

After meetings with the MoE to gain a deeper understanding of the missing pieces in comprehensive online learning for all students, Progresif and MoE identified 10 institutions of secondary and tertiary education, which the company, alongside D’Sunlit and Ezy Printing, have endeavoured to help.

Progresif Sdn Bhd has collaborated with D’Sunlit Sdn Bhd and Ezy Printing to empower learners to continue learning online

The list of learning institutions consist three tertiary and seven middle and secondary schools in the capital and the Belait District. They will be supplied with 200 Progresif Zoom SIM cards to enable unlimited connections to the Internet without any site limitation.

D’Sunlit and Ezy Printing, keen to collaborate with this plan to empower learners, contributed BND10,000 and BND1,000 to aid in the initiative, overseen by Haji Md Aziman bin Haji Tengah, a representative from the Director General’s Office, MoE.

Speaking on Progresif’s support of education, Progresif’s Head of Brand Strategy Hafiza binti Mohamad said, “Our support of education has always been a key pillar in Progresif’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments, so as soon as the decision was taken on online learning, we began monitoring the situation closely so that we could lend a helping hand once the areas of need had been identified. We’re also trying to spread awareness of our new OnePlan that gives unrestricted, inexpensive online access to all, with customers able to easily upgrade their mobile data to 5GB at a time for only BND10.”

“The initial timeframe of this contribution is set to last for two months, and during this time we will continue to communicate with both the MoE and the schools so that we are close at hand should the need for more assistance be expressed,” Hafiza said.

“At the end of 2019, Progresif launched its 1% Pledge for Progress, where we give one per cent of our earnings back to the communities we serve through our CSR platforms, and this contribution to 10 schools is just one of several initiatives we have in the pipeline to support our education pledge.”