Poser to Public Works Department

I am a supervisor at a construction company in Brunei, which began operations almost 20 years ago.

We specialise in the construction of ‘Storm Drain Channels’.

For the last five years we did not have any projects.

To my knowledge no major projects were awarded by the Public Works Department during that time.

We did participate in nearly 30 tenders during the five years and most were either extended or had been cancelled.

We had to reduce our staff from 100 to 10 and will most likely close down within two to three months.

Even if we did try to participate in minor works, we would be underpriced by foreign contractors.

This is because the foreign contractors do not have an office, thus they do not have to pay for office space.

They are also independent contractors who do not have to worry about paying staff salaries.

I love Brunei and still have faith in continuing my job here.

My enquiry is to the Public Works Department: How many Class V projects have been put forward in the last five years. And most importantly, can we hope for new projects this year?

Well Wisher