Online clinic helps to improve Al-Fatihah recitation

Daniel Lim

Al-Muyassar Group recently held its second Kuasai Asas Al-Fatihah (KAAF) online clinic via Zoom on Friday with over 55 participants from Brunei and beyond.

The clinic is an online initiative to help people improve their Surah Al-Fatihah recitation, especially mothers who want to teach their children.

Dr Widad binti Haji Abdul Aziz from Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) was invited to deliver the message to help mothers bring their children closer to Al-Quran via Facebook Live on May 12.

The group and its community also donated packages of basic needs to 15 residences in the Belait District, especially to single mothers on May 8.

As part of Al-Muyassar Group’s Ramadhan project ‘Misi Kongsi Rezeki’, in collaboration with Belait District Youth Association and WeCare, the group emphasised precautionary social distancing as per the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health while conducting the activities.

A screenshot of the online ‘Kuasai Asas Al-Fatihah’ online clinic. PHOTO: AL-MUYASSAR GROUP