Mixed reactions to lifting dine-in restrictions

Izah Azahari

At the start of the de-escalation plan on May 16, allowing restaurants, cafes and food stalls to provide dine-in services for the public, the Bulletin spoke to a number of individuals about their views on the gradual lifting of restrictions.

Ainaa binti Md Zamri, whose job requires her to be on call, said that the implementation of the plan should alleviate the stress of rushing home from work to cook for her family.

“I hope that the public will adhere to the health and safety advice given by health professionals, as we don’t want a second wave,” she told the Bulletin.

Also in support of the de-escalation plan was Diya M, who said that the initiative was due to the progress made by Brunei in controlling the pandemic.

“Since the announcement was made, we’ve already seen several establishments advising the public of the maximum capacity that they are able to accept at a given time,” she said.

Patrons at a cafe. PHOTO: RAHWANI ZAHARI

Dijah binti Rahman, on the other hand, expressed her concerns about complacency setting in as the country slowly returns to normal.

“Let’s hope that social distancing will be strictly applied, in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s regulations,” she said.

“Bruneians are now conscious about keeping a distance from people in a range of settings, and adapting to more rigorous hygiene routines. Let’s hope that we will able to maintain it.”
Haziqah binti Asmad also expressed her wish to see good hygiene practices and social responsibility being upheld.

“I’d still have a take-out instead of dining in, to minimise any risks. Social distancing should still be practised, as well as cleanliness,” she said.