Meal pack distribution continues

Lyna Mohamad

The Youth Transformation Community Club (KKBT) continued its series of Iftar McDonald’s Meal Pack distribution yesterday with five clusters selected as the distribution site for this series.

Organised by the Department of Youth and Sports in collaboration with the Community Development Department (JAPEM), the project ‘Berbagi Rezeki KKBT McDonald’s Brunei; 1 Meal 1 Love’ was jointly carried out by KKBT and Syarikat Makan Ceria McDonald’s Sdn Bhd.

The project started at the Youth Centre before the KKBT members were divided into groups to deliver the meal packs.

The areas are construction sites in Kampong Meragang, Mengkubau, Tanah Jambu Housing Scheme, Kampong Madang, Kampong Subok, Welfare House Complex in Subok, water taxi jetty in the capital, security operation counters as well as Negalang Petrol Station in Temburong and two construction sites in the district.

One thousand and sixty meal sets were collected prior to the distribution through the first week promotion of the project.

Two types of meal sets were offered to McDonald’s customers and McDonald’s contributed a meal for the project from each meal purchase.

The meal pack distribution is carried out in phases throughout Ramadhan and Syawal.

During the second week of the project from May 11 to 17, three types of meal sets were offered, and were available at McDonald’s counters in Gadong, Jerudong and Lambak Kanan.

Targetted recipients are among the residents at the welfare house under JAPEM, petrol station attendants, construction workers and the less fortunate.

The project received positive response not only from the community but also the recipients.

A meal pack is presented for iftar