Mango thief behind bars for two weeks

Fadley Faisal

A local man was yesterday ordered to serve two weeks of imprisonment, following his failure to settle a BND500 fine imposed by the Magistrate’s Court.

Muhammad Noramaluddin bin Salleh, 30, pleaded guilty to stealing mangoes from a tree at a house compound in Menglait, Gadong.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Sabrina binti Haji Mahmud’s facts of the case stated that at 9.40am on May 3, the defendant went to the victim’s house armed with a hand-made fruit plucker.

While standing outside the gated compound of the house, he plucked 29 mangoes from the tree, and then placed them inside a plastic bag and a backpack that he had brought with him.

Meanwhile, one of the victim’s neighbours spotted the defendant, who was wearing a cap and had covered his face with a scarf.

The stolen mangoes seized by the police. PHOTO: RBPF

Feeling suspicious, the neighbour approached the defendant and inquired as to whether he had obtained any permission from the house owner.

The neighbour then brought the defendant before the victim, who denied giving him permission to pluck the mangoes.

After further inquiries, the victim recovered all the 29 mangoes from the defendant’s plastic bag and backpack. A police report was lodged.

Upon his arrest, the defendant admitted to the theft and said that he had intended to sell the mangoes for personal gain.

The prosecution also informed the Court that in March this year, the defendant was convicted and fined for the theft of tiger prawns from a supermarket.

Magistrate Mohammad Marzuqi bin Sabtu presided over the case.