Making the world a kinder place

Richman Foundation teams up with Pay Kindness Forward founder Vivian Passion in making the world kinder.

On May 7, Passion began travelling the world to spread kindness and compassion as part of her Pay Kindness Forward journey leading up to Singapore’s Kindness Day movement today.

Inaugurated in 2013, the movement aims to “inspire one another and transform our society into a nation of kindness”, according to its organiser.

To do his part in the nationwide cause, Richman Founder and Richman Watch Winder founder Jin Wu has lent his support by sponsoring Passion in her globetrotting endeavour.

“Vivian Passion is a kind woman who knows a lot about kindness and spreading it around the world,” said Wu. “It doesn’t matter what colour you are; it doesn’t matter what your religion is; we all want to be seen, and the most beautiful way to see someone is to be kind.”

Vivian Passion with her students during her Pay Kindness Forward campaign. PHOTO: RICHMAN FOUNDATION

Similarly, Passion believed that the essence of humanity is kindness.

“I’ve seen first-hand the impact of kindness it has on a child’s life,” she said. “When we look around and see shared similarities instead of differences, we can look forward to a brighter future.”

Passion once shared her personal struggles on stage, during which a student asked as to why she felt the need to do so. She replied: “I didn’t have the same kindness shown to me as a child. Now as an adult, I understand that when we share our pains with others, we open the door for healing.”

On spreading kindness and compassion to schoolchildren around the world, she said, “As an educator, I believe that once children have understood the power of compassion, they can harness it to change the world. And instead of waiting for someone to make the world better, let us be the change that we wish to see.”

Meanwhile, the organiser of the Kindness Day Movement believes that this year’s celebration has taken on a new meaning as “our focus is on the real heroes of this (coronavirus) outbreak – frontliners, COVID-related support and non-profit groups, food and beverage staff, and even ordinary people who have helped in some way”.