Lest We Forget


Compiled by Lina Gapar

Cheerful youths leave lasting impression on US Navy

James Kon

May 5, 2010 – The weather in Brunei Darussalam is warm but nice. And what makes it nicer is the people.

This is how Captain Richard L Clemmons, the Commander of Destroyer Squadron 31 of the US Navy, summed up his impression of the Sultanate, after 32 personnel from the US Navy and 15 from the Royal Brunei Navy made a visit to Sultan Umar Ali Saifuddin Primary School in Muara yesterday morning to foster ties with the local community.

The Navy personnel, who were taking a break from the 2010 CARAT (Cooperation Afloat Readiness And Training) Exercise, brought some toys and supplies for the students of the school.

According to Captain Clemmons, yesterday’s visit was very special to the US navy personnel, as they had lots of fun.

“As they have families back home in the US, they know how important children are,” he said.

During his visit, US Navy personnel learnt how to play some of Brunei’s traditional games such as ‘Congkak’ and Simban. They also took part in friendly netball, soccer and Tug-of-War matches with the students.

To commemorate their US Navy’s visit to the school, Cikgu Minah binti Damit, the Headmistress of Sultan Umar Ali Saifuddin Primary School, presented them with a souvenir.

“As (the US Navy) will be in Brunei for seven days, we will carry out a programme each day to train and conduct social events together with Brunei’s Navy,” Captain Clemmons said, adding that the US Navy will be making another visit to a school in the Sultanate for a social event.

US Navy and Royal Brunei Navy personnel in a group photo with the staff of Sultan Umar Ali Saifuddin Primary School. PHOTO: JAMES KON

Getting Brunei connected

Achong Tanjong

MAY 17, 2000 – Various infrastructure facilities are being upgraded by the relevant government authorities in anticipation of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in November and Visit Brunei Year 2001.

Roads are being widened and Internet facilities are being improved.Public phone booths have also been appearing all over town, like so many mushrooms after the rain.

People living in the suburbs will no longer have to make the long trek to Bandar in order to stay connected with their loved ones.

Given the many expatriates working in the country, the government’s move to increase the number of public phone booths should be met with a resounding cheer of approval.

JTB, for instance, has set up several new phone booths along Jalan Muara, near the Kampong Serusop mosque.

People, however, must understand that these phones are a public amenity and should be cared for. Acts of vandalism will only deprive everyone of access to a much-needed service.

The new JTB phone booths along Jalan Muara