Large snake spotted at Kampong Setia ‘B’

Hakim Hayat

A video of a large snake in Kampong Ayer which went viral on social media in Brunei was confirmed to be authentic by an eyewitness who lives by the area where the reptile was spotted.

Two videos of the sighting surfaced three days ago, one captured by a passenger of a water taxi of the snake wading through the surface of the Brunei River waters, and another apparently captured by a nearby resident showing the snake wrapping itself on two pillars beneath a walkway near a house in Kampong Setia ‘B’.

In the second video, a wooden stick was seen used to free the snake from the pillar while onlookers exclaimed, “It’s so big” in Malay, as they were awed by the size of the snake, rarely seen in Brunei, especially in the water settlement.

According to a resident of Kampong Setia ‘B’ who wished to remain anonymous, the incident happened on May 11 at around noon at the vicinity of her house and said the intruder was believed to have been chased by boat operators and it ended up at the pillars below her house.

“Village residents tried to capture the snake and I was later told that their effort was in vain,” she said. “We haven’t seen the snake around here so far in the last few days but we are still being vigilant because our house is also close to jungles,” she added.

The resident was not sure of the length and size of the snake but said, “It is definitely a big snake”. She also told the Bulletin that such incident is very rare and hopes that the snake will not come back as they fear for their safety.

Viral photo of the large snake circulated via social media