JPD’s services disappointing

I would like to raise my concern regarding the Land Transport Department’s (JPD) customer services.

I applied for the renewal of my road tax online on April 15, paid for the application fee before receiving a message that I would receive my new road tax within three days. Two weeks later, I have yet to receive my new road tax.

I had called Darussalam line 123 to inquire about my application status but was told to contact the JPD, which I did repeatedly, but to no avail. I phoned the Darussalam line 123 again, during which they advised me to visit the JPD’s branch in Beribi.

I thought it was a simple inquiry at the JPD branch. Instead, I felt like I was getting pushed around when all I wanted was to find out the status of my road tax application. (My road tax expired at the end of April and I was desperate).

The officer at the counter said, “If you haven’t received it, you haven’t received it.”

File photo of the Land Transport Department Headquarters. PHOTO: MTIC

It was only after I pushed for it, did he finally agree to look into it. But after half an hour of waiting for him to get back to me, I grew impatient and asked him again if he had found my application.

He then told me it was still pending. I tried to appeal to him by bringing up my expired road tax. He responded rather condescendingly to take a number for another counter.

Seeing that I was upset, the branch supervisor approached me. I explained to him, which he empathised with and offered to help me.

As it turned out, my road tax was long approved and issued; merely at the post office.

I was shocked. Why did I receive an email saying I would receive my new road tax in three working days if it was still being processed at the post office? And why was I treated with disrespect when I had a fair enquiry?