JPA organises Ramadhan religious talk

Azlan Othman

Public Service Department (JPA) through the Information Technology Management Division organised the Ihya’ (embracing) Ramadhan Programme which is an annual spiritual development programme.

Several religious activities are arranged such as lectures, reading of Al-Quran and Infaq Ramadhan have been planned for this month.

Among the activities for the Ihya’ Ramadhan Programme in 2020 are the IR4.0 Ihya Ramadhan religious talk and paying of Zakat Fitrah and Zakat Harta at the JPA Building. The programme aims at glorifying Ramadhan by gaining blessings during the holy month.

The ceremony began with a religious talk on embracing Ramadhan entitled ‘Ramadan this time…’ by Assistant Lecturer of UNISSA Ustaz Haj Muhammad Khairul Nazif bin Haji
Awang Damit. The Public Service Department held its inaugural online teleconferencing talk programme as an initiative to conduct the talk.

Acting deputy director-general, directors and heads of divisions were also present.

JPA officers and staff attend the religious talk. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN