Indonesia reports 490 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, 33 new deaths

JAKARTA (XINHUA) – The Indonesian government yesterday announced 490 new confirmed cases of the COVID-19, bringing the total number of infections in the country to 16,496.

At a press conference, the government’s spokesperson for the COVID-19-related matters Achmad Yurianto said that there were also 33 new deaths, taking the total number of fatalities to 1,076. Yurianto, who is a Health Ministry official, also said that as many as 285 more people have been discharged from hospitals after their recoveries, taking the total number of recovered patients to 3,803.

According to him, the latest total number of COVID-19 suspects across the country is 34,360.

A police officer wearing a Balinese traditional mask, called celuluk, performs as the new coronavirus during a campaign to wear masks as a precaution against the virus outbreak at a market in Bali, Indonesia. PHOTO: AP