Imported goods to go through quarantine

Rokiah Mahmud

Goods brought into the country by transport operators and runners will need to be stored or quarantined at the company premises for at least three days, or 72 hours, before being delivered to customers.

At a press conference providing updates on the COVID-19 situation yesterday, Minister of Health Dato Seri Setia Dr Haji Mohd Isham bin Haji Jaafar cited a study that showed it is possible for delivered parcels and goods to be contaminated with respiratory droplets from an infected person.

“These can be transferred onto the parcels, items or products if the person handling them is talking or coughing,” he said.

“The droplets can survive for up to 72 hours, especially if the item is wrapped in plastic packaging.

“That is why the items must be quarantined for 72 hours before being handed over to the customers,” the minister said.