Illegal beauty clinic raided

James Kon

The Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) and enforcement personnel from the Ministry of Health (MoH) raided an illegal beauty clinic offering treatments which violate the country’s health and drug regulations yesterday.

The investigation into the premises at Kampong Orang Kaya Besar Imas, Jalan Kebangsaan Lama, stemmed from public concerns regarding the services which are believed to have been performed by an unlicensed therapist.

The clinic reportedly began operations a year ago, offering facial, breast and buttock fillers, along with skin whitening and slimming treatments.

The side-effects from these procedures can pose a potential risk to the health and lives of the clients, which is an offence under the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act, Cap 112, the Poisons Act 1956 and the Drug Order 2007.

During the raid, several medicinal and health products were seized as evidence.

The RBPF advised the public to exercise caution when undergoing beauty treatments, stating, “Procedures which do not meet certain requirements and valid qualifications can be detrimental for health and result in adverse effects to the individuals receiving the treatment.”

Some of the medical supplies and equipment seized. PHOTO: RBPF