High dose of Vitamin C for COVID-19 prevention?

There has been a growing demand for hand sanitisers and face masks to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the country. But I believe high-dosage Vitamin C supplements should be of equal importance.

According to Science World, Vitamin C is necessary to maintain a healthy immune system, and in the case of a viral infection, a high dosage of it is paramount.

The T cells in the immune system are responsible for identifying and killing off infected cells. Virally infected cells produce and release small proteins called the interferon, which plays a role in ensuring immune protection against viruses.

Having an immune-suppressed system while being exposed to the coronavirus means that the immune system takes much longer to recover, thus these individuals tend to require intensive medical care.

Given that Vitamin C is key to a healthy immune system, and having a healthy immune system is key to warding off coronavirus, should we not emphasis on the daily supplement of Vitamin C as part of COVID-19 preventive measures?

Vitamin C